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Porsche 911 997 - BC Racing Coilovers

Porsche 911 997 - BC Racing Coilovers

BC Racing
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Porsche 911 997 - BC Racing Coilovers

BR Series - choose from RN or RA Type. 

Improve the look and handling of your vehicle with BC Racing BR Series adjustable coilovers.

RA Spec:

  • The RA series coilover kits are supplied with aluminium front top mounts with pillowball centres (camber adjustable if macpherson) and aluminium rear top mounts with rubber centres or no top mounts  
    Spring rate: 5 Front, 8 Rear (

RN Spec:

  • The RN series coilover kits are supplied without front top mounts and with aluminium rear top mounts with rubber centre or no rear top mounts
    Spring rate: 4.5 Front, 8 Rear (


The coilover bottom mount can be wound up and down the body of the damper, giving an enormous ride height range from standard to slammed. The adjustable bottom mount design also retains full damper travel regardless of ride height, preserving ride quality.

The 30 way adjustable dampers combine both rebound and compression in a single adjustment. This maintains the ratio between the compression and rebound of the damper, making it easier to tune the damper to the relevant conditions on the fly.

Aluminium top plates
30 way adjustable damping
Adjustable spring platform
Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
Dust boot to protect damper seals