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air lift tank drain kit

Air Lift Tank Drain Kit

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Air Lift Tank Drain Kit



  • (1) 1/4" PTC - 1/4"NPT Elbow
  • (1) 1/4" PTC Inflation Valve
  • 2m of 1/4" Air Line

A must have for all air ride builds. Drain away the waste water which is made from regularly running a compressor. The elbow that is included with this kit goes on the bottom port of your tank that is pointing down, towards the ground. Connect the 2m of 1/4" air line to the elbow and then connect the ptc inflation valve to the other end.

When you are ready to drain your tank, just pull the inflation valve and air line out of your car, depress the pin in the inflation valve and spray water and compressed air out of your tank. Once the water stops flowing you're done! This tank drain kit can also double as an inflation valve in the unlikely event a compressor fails to run.